Matt LeClair is a professional freelance photographer and filmmaker, based in Washington, D.C. As an artist known for documenting moments with elegance and honesty, Matt is eager to produce creative stories involving cameras, lighting, or sound design. Whether shooting portraits, weddings, conferences, performances, or promotional ads, his ultimate ambition is to decipher the art and science behind his craft. Matt has a passion for writing, producing, and directing short documentary films, educational materials, advertisements, music videos, and short narratives. Recently, his lighting and sound design for “Game Night” helped his team win the grand prize at the DC Speakeasy Shorts Film Competition, 2014.

In August 2014, Matt was elected as Membership Chair on the Television Internet & Video Association (TIVA) board of directors. His diverse background has allowed him to serve in many capacities within the photo and film communities. Some of these roles include: marketing content producer, camera operator, interviewer, sound mixer, video editor, graphic designer, grip/production assistant, as well as writer/director, for which he won first place at the Wilton Independent Film Festival, 1997 (Wilton, NH) for a music video called “Time”. Matt’s work has been featured on New Hampshire public access television and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus television, as well as corporate, nonprofit, and academic websites including Cheshire Glass Company, Real World Interface, Inc., DC Shorts Film Festival, Speakeasy Shorts, Burn After Reading Magazine, The American Institute of Architects, Washington Tennis & Education Foundation, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Working steadily toward his purpose of inspiring enthusiasm for visual art with compelling images and cinematography, Matt honed his skills in production and post-production over the course of 18 years. Beginning in January 2014, Matt began working full-time as a freelancer. Since then he has discovered even greater potential for changing people’s attitudes and beliefs in a positive way through the power of images. Matt’s initial interest in the photographic arts was cultivated during high school as he took courses in photography and multimedia production, going on to find work making documentaries, advertisements, and music videos. During his undergraduate studies in system dynamics modeling, electrical engineering, mathematics, and computer science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Matt was employed by his university to create distance learning course materials, including live classroom and event recordings. Following college, Matt was hired for positions related to software development, web design, investment banking & financial services, sales & marketing, nonprofit database technology, and project management.

An explorer of visual art and science, Matt has pursued many different academic and professional interests throughout his career of life-long learning. While at WPI, he developed analytical skills and expertise with electronics and computer technology before going on to study physical and biological sciences at Harvard University during a two-year post-baccalaureate premedical program. After being accepted into three U.S. medical schools, Matt chose to attend Georgetown University School of Medicine, arriving in Washington, D.C. four years ago. He graduated with a Master of Science degree in Physiology, giving up his medical career early in order to pursue his greater passion for writing, photography, and film. All of this variety of life and work experience has made Matt an exceptionally well-rounded individual. He is technically proficient and well-suited for the challenges of creative problem solving.

Matt LeClair's résumé contains more information regarding the experience, education, expertise, and equipment he uses as creative tools. His two decades of work experience demonstrate his rare attributes of dedication, responsibility, and attention to detail. He is always looking for exciting new challenges and opportunities to work on important projects with talented people. The most valuable and distinguishing features Matt can offer are his unique perspective and original sense of style. He has a sharp eye for detail and a genuine interest in applying his technological know-how toward the creation of new and inspiring imagery.

Deciphering the art & science of storytelling...